UK Lockdown

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Dear All,

I have spoken with the environmental health agency for my local authority this morning and they have confirmed that the understanding they have is that we, dog walkers and pet professionals, should not be going out to walk dogs because:

1) We can only go out once a day; 2) We would be bringing risk of contagion by going from one different home to another to collect / drop off dogs and; 3) According to the statement of the Prime Minister yesterday, we should not go to other people's houses.

I understand also that the government has released statements that if one cannot work from home they should continue to work, however I believe that they mean this for those that have a single definite place of work where you would commute from Home/Work/Home. The fact that I have access to different households in one single day to pick up and drop off dogs for their walks would increase the risk of spreading the disease and bringing it into your home. I also have received information from NarpsUK and the Pet Industry Federation that they advise we only continue to carry out jobs that are of extreme importance for animal's welfare, for example, visits for providing food and water for animals that are left alone at home due to their owners not being in the country due to travel and for dog walking only for people that are physically unable to take their own dogs for a walk and would struggle otherwise; for example elderly or disabled. I know it will be a hard time for me in terms of finances if the government will not intervene with a solution for self employed people soon, but if it must be done like this for the greater good, then so be it. I believe right now this is the best course of action to protect the population too as it will help to slow the spread of the disease and will give a breathing space for the NHS and staff that are battling on this war right now. With the health and safety of you and your family in mind, I've had no choice but to unfortunately cease operating the pet care services I provide for the next 3 weeks or until we receive further clarity as I believe this is the morally correct action I have to take at this moment. I hope this will not disrupt our lives for too long and that I can continue to have your custom and care for your pets once I can provide my pet care services in a safe environment again. Thank you for your support, Stay Home! Stay Safe! Liana Cavalcanti 🐶🐱🐾 Dogs, Dog Walker, Pet Sitter, Cats, Dog Trainer

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