Dog Walking

Dog walking services are becoming more and more popular with more people out working during the day.  It can be difficult to find the time and energy to fit that necessary dog walk into your day or you may have an energetic dog that needs more walking than you are able to provide.  It is well known that regular exercise is essential to maintaining a dog's health and providing them with both the physical and mental stimulation that they need. By having a dog walker to be there when you are not, you can rest assured that your dog will get the proper exercise he needs in order to maintain a healthy body and mind. Additionally, dog walking can help your dog to be properly socialised with other people, environments and animals as well as relieving the boredom of being at home all day.

Prices (per hour)

Solo Walks

Solo walks are provided for elderly dogs, dogs who need to be walked on lead, aggressive dogs (who must be muzzled), nervous dogs and dogs whose owners just want them to have 1-to-1 attention. Your dog(s) will be walked without any other dog(s) from a different household on the same slot.

Solo walks are for 1 hour and if this is too long for your dog(s) the time can be split with cuddles or feeding at your home. Provided for dogs on the same household.

1 1 Dog £20.00

2 2 Dogs £30.00

3 3 Dogs £40.00

Group Walks

Group walks are done for dogs that are very responsive to commands and friendly around other dogs. The group walks are done with a maximum of 4 dogs and from multiple households. Dogs will be walked off lead so the walk is more enjoyable for all of them, they can socialise, have more freedom and exercise more fetching balls and toys.


1 1 Dog £15.00

2 2 Dogs £20.00


* Loyalty Plan *


We value our regular clients and as a form of thank you for your loyalty we are offering a discount plan for weekly or monthly regular bookings in advance.

1 1 Dog £62.50 for 5 bookings per week
2 2 Dogs £90 for 5 bookings per week

Bookings are only confirmed upon full payment one day before the booking's due date